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Marketing Warfare e. Ries and Trout

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing e. Al Ries & Jack Trout

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding e. Al Ries & Laura Ries

Ogilvy on Advertising e. David Ogilvy

101 Ways To Promote Your Tourism Website

Marketing Places e. Kotler, Heider & Rein

Networking With The Affluent…

Marketing To The Affluent…

Selling To The Affluent e. Dr. Thomas J. Stanley

The Art of Selling to the Affluent e. Matt Oechsli

Marketing to Women e. Marti Barletta

Just Ask a Woman e. Mary Lou Quinlan

Let Them Eat Cake – Marketing Luxury e. Pamela Danziger

Selling to Women and Couples e. Sharon Roberts

Markets of One e. James Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine

Selling the Dream e. Guy Kawasaki

Street Smart Network Marketing e. Robert Butwin

Searching for the Spirit of Enterprise e. Larry C. Farrell

The Irrisistible Offer e. Mark Joyner

The Beermat Entrepreneur e. Mike Southon and Chris West

From Acorns… e. Caspian Woods

The Definitive Business Plan e. Richard Stutely

Thinking like an Entrepreneur e. Peter I. Kupalo

Start Your Own Successful Retail Business e. Jan Kingsgaard

Introduction to Fashion Merchandising, e. Roth, Peterson, Greensley og Gill

The Business of Fashion e. Burns og Briant

Million Dollar Consulting e. Alan Weiss

Flawless Consulting e. Peter Block

How Dell Does It e. Holzner

Direct From Dell e. Michael Dell & Catherine Fredman

Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation e. Spinelly, Birley og Rosenberg

Já! Listin að semja e. Fisher & Uri

Japan: Customs and Etiquette

Time Warrior e. Philip R. Thomas

The Millionaire Next Door e. Stanley & Danko

How To Make it in Advertising Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine

Richard Branson autobiography

Retail and Shopping Architecture e. Ian Luna

Shop Design, útg. Daab.

Restaurant Design, útg. Daab.

Club Design, útg. Daab.

Audio & Hi-Fi Handbook e. Ian R. Sinclair

The Complete Guide to High End Audio e. Robert Harley

The Future of Music e. David Kusek & Gerd Leonhard

Wireless Home Networking for Dummies e. Briere, Hurely & Ferris

Sound Design e. David Attwood

Product Design and Development e. Ulrich & Eppinger

Product Desing e. Otto & Wood

Mary Gilliatt’s Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design

Encyclopaedia of 20th Century Architecture e. V.M. Lampugnani

Buzz Your Book – How do you create word on the street e. M.J. Rose & Douglas Clegg

Best Bang for you Book – Where to Spend Your Marketing Bucks by Juilia L. Wilkinson

Putting It On Paper – Ground Rules for Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Books e. Dawn Josephson

Writer’s Market Online útg.

How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction e. Persia Woolley

Publicize Your Book! e. Jacqueline Deval

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